About Modellforum

Modellforum Wild & Kauselmann GbR offers you 3D printing services. We have combined our rapid prototyping activities in this area.

Our strength is converting CAD designs into wax plotter models suitable for casting but we can also print prototypes for direct impressions. If a design is required, this can be created using CAD and it is also possible to organise the whole process through to the finished piece of jewellery.

We are also happy to supply you with a pure plot or stereolithographic part, but the quickest way for conversion into metal is guaranteed by cooperating directly with the Bernhard Kauselmann foundry, where the plot and casting are produced for you from one source.

State-of-the-art machinery with machines in double figures guarantees the quickest processing time and high quality. Just as in casting, the confidentiality of your data is of course guaranteed.


Modellforum Wild & Kauselmann GbR was founded in 2005 by master goldsmith Toni Wild and Torsten Kauselmann. CAD and 3D printing were still new territory for many companies in the jewellery and model making sector at that time.

The company's initial experience was gained with the acquisition of a Solidscape printer. The steadily growing demand soon made it necessary to purchase additional printers. Over the course of the years these have been modernised again and again, resulting in the up-to-date machinery available today. The number of employees also grew, and Mr Wild now manages the Gondelsheim site. Experienced goldsmiths are also available to you as partners at the Kauselmann foundry premises in Pforzheim where Mr Fessler is responsible for the management.

Toni Wild & Torsten Kauselmann GbR
Am Hauptgüterbahnhof 9
75177 Pforzheim
Phone: +49 7231 – 58 70 14 0
Fax: +49 7231 – 58 70 14 99
E-Mail: info[at]kauselmann.com
Internet: www.kauselmann.com

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