Instructions for calculating the weight

We are often asked how to calculate the weight or price of a given piece. You will find explanations on a corresponding formula below. Please note that the following information can only be used for a non-binding approximate calculation. Deviations may occur, for example, due to inaccurate specific weights (filing and spraying wax can have different weights), daily prices are subject to constant fluctuations, etc.

In general, the calculation of the weight can be formulated as follows: Weight of your given piece divided by the corresponding specific weight of the material. Multiply the result by the specific weight of the desired material (target alloy). The specific weights can be found in our Specific weights. table.

A silver ring weighing 10 g is to be cast in 750/- yellow gold:
10 g (weight of the silver ring)/ 10.4 (specific weight of silver) * 15.4 (specific weight of 750/- YG)= 14.81 g

Wax weighing 2 g is to be cast in 585/- yellow gold:
2 g (weight of wax) / 1 (approximate specific weight of wax) * 13.5 (specific weight of 585/- YG) = 26.5 g

We recommend adding another 10% at this point as a precaution to compensate for fluctuations, to take processing losses into account, etc.
You can then multiply the calculated weight by the corresponding daily price. Please also note that these are approximate values and prices are subject to constant fluctuation. Here too, you should make a sufficient mark-up to protect yourself against price fluctuations.


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