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Bernhard Kauselmann GmbH & Co.KG is an industrial service company offering the production of raw castings for the jewellery industry as well as the manufacture of technical semi-finished products. This is a pure reproduction of individual customer models in the quantity range of one to several tens of thousands.

Parts are cast in platinum, palladium, gold, silver, steel and fake, with each of the metals mentioned here being offered in different alloys.

The size of the raw castings to be produced is normally a maximum of 10 x 25 cm, but small parts are mainly cast, for example in the form of rings, pendants, watch cases or club badges. Larger objects are for example sculptures or belt buckles. Technical parts include model railway parts made of brass, ballpoint pen clips and spectacle components or even dental parts made of stainless steel.

The models and their moulds sent to Kauselmann are subject to strict design protection. The use of the moulds is the sole responsibility of their originator and can only be used by another customer with their express written consent.

Confidentiality regarding models and moulds is given top priority at Kauselmann.


Bernhard Kauselmann went self-employed on 1 July 1990 after more than 20 years of professional experience in the investment casting sector. With the help of the family, the initial three-person business developed into a company with about 120 employees today.

Over time, the company outgrew the original premises and it has found its home in a central location in Pforzheim since 2013, which can also be quickly reached by customers from outside the city thanks to good links to the motorway.

The company is now managed by Carmen and Torsten Kauselmann, the company founder's son and daughter-in-law, who are the second generation to continue the business.

Equipped with modern machinery and trained personnel, the company aims to continue to be an efficient and innovative partner in the field of casting technology.