Deflasking / Cutting off

The flask filled with metal is the end of the casting process, regardless of the type and alloy. Once the investment material is removed using water blasting or mechanical cleaning, the casting tree, which was originally invested out of wax, is now in metal.

The cast metal tree can also be cleaned using various acids, wet or dry blasting. The main focus is on a treatment that is as gentle as possible to preserve the fine contours on the surfaces. Furthermore, the most delicate parts must also not be bent by the pressure of water and blasting media. Once all this has been done, the individual parts are finally separated from the tree using a pneumatic cutter. Separating the sprues too close may lead to damage to the parts in case of sensitive surfaces. Often the following parts can then only be poorly or more riskily separated from the tree by the remaining stumps. Nevertheless, we always make every effort to ensure that the remaining sprues are not excessively long in the interests of the customer.


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