Platinum casting

Platinum is considered to be the supreme discipline in jewellery casting. The high melting temperature and rapid solidification behaviour place special demands on all materials used, for example the melting pots and investments. Specific cast-on techniques and specialist knowledge in further processing are also required in some cases.

However, jewellery parts are produced which are characterised by the high purity of the platinum material (950+ PT in the standard alloys) and the special colour typical of platinum. In contrast to white gold, platinum does not require galvanic recoating. Platinum impresses with its natural surface and distinctiveness. Platinum jewellery always remains something special even in times of rising demand.

PT-Schmuck Helene Apitzsch, Munich

New developments and tests

Thanks to our close cooperation with leading refineries, we have repeatedly contributed to the development of new alloys in the past. The best possible casting parameters can be determined through joint casting tests and laboratory evaluations. If successful, new opportunities can then emerge for our customers on the platinum market .

Many years of experience in the field of platinum casting.

Our company has many years of experience in the field of platinum casting, which goes back to our company founder Bernhard Kauselmann. Even before the company was founded in 1990, Bernhard Kauselmann was a pioneer in the field of platinum casting. In 1990, at the age of over 50, he ventured the step into self-employment. He soon acquired the title "Speciality Platinum Casting" with our company.

The processes developed by him are still often the basis for successful platinum casting in our company today.

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