Quality control & invoicing

After leaving the foundry, the finished castings are sent to our quality control department and have to pass a visual inspection before they are invoiced and delivered. One hundred percent "good parts" cannot always be achieved in the casting process. If a foundry strives to only supply perfect quality parts, there is always a certain degree of scrap. Once a mould is available, the casting process can be repeated if the casting result is negative. Findings are derived and improvements are made from the first result, for example, for sprues or casting parameters.

The parts mixed together as part of the batch production also have be sorted to the individual orders and customers again. Only then can a corresponding delivery note be created in the office. Once all this is done, the last step is to deliver the goods to the local customers or to send them the same day by courier or parcel. Often there is very little time for the individual work steps due to tight deadlines. With specified delivery times of less than 24 hours, many castings have to be handed over to the customer or carrier in less than one hour after leaving the casting machine. Everyone involved is hugely committed to this every single day.


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