Virtually unlimited possibilities with 3D plots

3D printing is an emerging technology that everyone has been talking about for years. A large number of providers and different systems are active on the market as a result. Our employees have more than 15 years of experience in this area. When placing an order with our company using a CAD file, your product is supervised up to the finished casting and beyond.

When the file arrives, it is checked to see whether it is suitable for casting. If the fonts are too narrow, slots too narrow, radii too pointed, we contact you immediately and try to make improvements.

In addition to their own expertise, our employees also make use of working together directly with our in-house mould making and waxing department and quality control department. As a result, sprue positions, the ideal layouts for castings and similar can be discussed and clarified in advance. This helps avoid unnecessary costs and disappointments caused by faulty castings. In addition to a design suitable for casting, the right type of plot and material is also essential for a satisfactory casting result. Every day we see here which materials lead to which casting results in our quality control department. We use this experience when procuring and selecting our modern 3D printing machines.

For more information on 3D printing, please visit the 3D printing section.


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