Maximum precision for castings

In contrast to machining production techniques or pressing, castings often have small dimensional deviations. These are mainly due to the technique of wax spraying. Technical developments have made significant progress in recent years.

Nowadays, many models are created using CAD, which means that production can start with a more precise model. Silicone moulds with significantly less shrinkage and higher hardness have replaced the rubber mould as the standard mould and produce more accurate results. Programmable wax pots ensure constant parameters and therefore the more consistent achievement of dimensional specifications.

In addition, wax plotting machines can already achieve speeds that make it possible to plot complete series for absolute precision parts. The wax spraying process is being replaced here by the 3D printer. This eliminates casting shrinkage from the mould and the different cooling down of wax parts. Just the minimum shrinkage of the investment material during the casting process remains, which can be taken into account during plotting by adding shrinkage beforehand (scaling the model).

For more information on casting, please visit the production processes section and for more information on CAD techniques, please visit the Modellforum section.


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