CO2 emissions by comparison

Source: INEC HochschulePF – Edelmetall-Kolloqium 18.11.19- Comparison of mined gold carbon footprint study for the World Gold Council 2019 vs. HighValue scrap recycling study INEC

From 01.01.2020, we are no longer using mined gold in our gold standard alloys, which means that our cast products have a drastically better CO2 balance.

There are also other good reasons to exclude mined gold and only use fine gold from reprocessing instead.

Local production in compliance with environmental standards stands for:

  • No more large-scale environmental destruction in sensitive mining areas
  • No more contamination of soil or water with chemicals
  • No child labour
  • No inhumane working conditions

The decision to use so-called secondary gold therefore takes ecological and ethical reasons into account.

Procurement is ensured by our purchasing department from renowned suppliers, who provide us with the corresponding gold metals with a so-called COC (Chain of Custody) certificate.

Corporate sustainability initiative

Responsibility towards people and the environment

Our corporate goal is maximum customer satisfaction. However, this is always under the premise of maintaining our employees’ health through the best production conditions and burdening our environment as little as possible.

Investments in energy efficiency, waste disposal, health and employee satisfaction mean exhaust air and extraction systems, recycling water, generating energy through solar systems, optimising processes, creating quiet zones and much more in practice. Small steps, such as using paper bags to deliver our goods, have enabled us to avoid several million plastic bags over the years. We also try to be a role model when it comes to mobility.

We want to meet the high standards in the casting sector for our customers and we want to meet our social requirements as a company with the same ambition.

We see our employees and colleagues first and foremost as people. It is our goal to support each individual, to offer career advancement opportunities and to cultivate an attentive, friendly, communicative and appreciative ethos within the company.