The advantages of CAD

Creating models using CAD can offer numerous advantages. It saves an enormous amount of time for many designs, opens up new design possibilities and, last but not least, allows designs to be visualised for the customer beforehand. Dimensionally accurate models also offer precision for hinges, fits and movements. We have listed some of the advantages for you below.

At a glance

  • Absolute precision fit of castings.
  • Different ring sizes and widths can be achieved with minimal effort through scaling, which allows for a great deal of individuality without much additional work.
  • Casts with undercuts are possible.
  • Hollow castings.
  • Simple mirroring saves a lot of time when making earrings.
  • Suitable for single pieces as well as for series production.
  • Archiving your data in a practical database.
  • Meaningful, photorealistic representations visualise the final piece of jewellery perfectly.
  • More direct conversion from sketch to product without any loss of the original idea or design.

Since the weight can be calculated based on the data, more accurate price quotations can be made.


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